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    Digitally Transforming Your

    HealthLantern is a cloud-based Medical Practice Management System (PMS) that provides clinical, financial, and administrative tools and services to help healthcare professionals and practices manage their practices easily and efficiently.

    We created this solution using our healthcare sector knowledge to fully automate a healthcare practice process and give a seamless patient experience by boosting patient-doctor relationships.


    Technology Expertise

    Healthcare Mastery

    HealthLantern Can Benefit Your Practice By


    Data Management

    Patient data management and tracking has become more convenient and transparent.

    Security Management

    Security of client’s data is our utmost priority. We provide end-to-end encryption.


    Plug into your favourite tools and avoid double-handling data, no tech skills required.

    Our Features

    Patient Communication Management
    Patient Communication Management
    Medical Prescription Management (Rx)
    Medical Prescription Management (Rx)
    Billing Management
    Billing Management
    Pharmacy Management
    Pharmacy Management
    Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
    IPD & OPD
    IPD & OPD
    Appointment Management
    Appointment Management
    Enquiry Management
    Enquiry Management
    Interactive DashBoard
    Interactive DashBoard

    Benefits of Using HealthLantern

    Practice Management


    Appointment/Calendar and Scheduling

    Package management and tracking

    Financials or billing


    Pharmacy Management

    Analytics and Growth

    Marketing /Promotion


    Growth Program

    Referral or Membership management

    Additional Services at Health Lantern


    Mobile App

    Practice Engagement

    Integration with Website

    Online booking

    Online feedback

    Patient Portal

    Integration with social media

    All You Need To Know!

    Answers to the questions we get the most asked for HealthLantern

    What is PMS?

    Practice management software or PMS is a software solution that assists healthcare and medical practises in streamlining their operations. From patient records and scheduling to billing and claims processing, it can handle it all. By automating these procedures, a practice management software can free up staff time to focus on other vital responsibilities, such as advanced patient care.

    What is HealthLantern?

    HealthLantern is a state-of-the-art cloud-based practice management software solution that offers varied features to streamline the day-to-day operations of your practice. It’s trusted by some of the world’s leading healthcare providers and continues innovating new features to meet customers’ ever-changing needs. Automating the tasks will eventually lead to a better patient experience and service satisfaction which will eventually lead to improved practice efficiency.

    What are the Key Benefits of using HealthLantern?

    The Benefits of Using HealthLantern Practice Management Software are:

    • Better Time Management
    • Advanced Patient Flow Management
    • Flexible Calendar Management
    • Reduced No-shows
    • Enhanced Communication
    • Increased Growth
    • Efficient Reporting

    Why Choose HealthLantern?

    Some of the HealthLantern’s key value propositions include:

    • Secure data
    • Up-to-date software
    • Connect from anywhere

    How Secure Your Data is with HealthLantern?

    At HealthLantern, data security is a primary focus. We understand the significance of a patient’s data in the healthcare area. All of our software adheres to the most stringent industry standards. No one has access to the patient’s data because it is end-to-end encrypted. Furthermore, because our practise management software is cloud-based, you can be assured that your data is constantly backed up and available, even if your computer systems fail. With HealthLantern you’ll never have to worry about losing vital patient data again.

    What Is the Difference Between EHR and HealthLantern?

    Simply defined, an EHR system is an acronym for Electronic Health Records system, and it is intended to store and manage patient health records, whereas HealthLantern or a practice management software is concerned with the managerial side of your practice (client data, appointments, payments, and so on). HealthLantern functions as both an EHR and practice management software, giving a comprehensive solution for your clinical and managerial requirements.

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